The Power of Matcha

matcha latteMatcha is made from shade grown tea leaves  to slow down growth, stimulating an increase in chlorophyll levels, turning the leaves a darker shade of green and causing the production of amino acids, in particular theanine.


The leaves are laid out flat to dry, then de-veined, de-stemmed, and stone-ground to the fine, bright green, talc-like powder known as Matcha.

Grinding the leaves is a slow process, because the mill stones must not get too warm which would affect the aroma of the leaves. It can take up to one hour to grind 30 grams of Matcha.

A long list of benefits

Matcha Tea; an excellent source of antioxidants with 137 times more antioxidants than regularly brewed tea. Drinking just one cup of Matcha is the equivalent of drinking 10 cups of regular brewed green tea.


So what are the benefits of antioxidants?   Antioxidants are the body’s defense agents. They are chemical compounds that prevent aging and chronic diseases. The more you have, the better equipped your body is in fighting infections and disease.

Not only is it packed with antioxidants, it also has the following benefits:

  • Boosts metabolism and burns calories:

One recent study suggested that Matcha may help burn calories by four times, from a   normal 8%-10% of daily energy expenditure, to between 35% and 43% of daily expenditure. Matcha does not put any stress on the body, it doesn’t raise blood pressure or heart rate, making it a safe alternative to questionable quick fixes or pharmaceuticals ridden with side effects.

  • Detoxifies effectively and naturally
  • Calms the mind and relaxes the body:

monkOver a thousand years ago, Matcha came to Japan as an aid to meditation practice. During long hours of sitting, monks would drink Matcha to remain alert yet calm. Matcha is rich in L- Theanine, a rare amino acid that actually promotes a state of relaxation and well being by acting upon the brain’s functioning. While stress can induce beta waves an excited, more agitated state, L-Theanine creates alpha waves, which lead to a state of relaxed alertness. While L-Theanine is common in all tea, Matcha may contain up to five times  more of this amino acid than common black and green teas.

  • Rich in fiber, chlorophyll and vitamins
  • Enhances mood and aids in concentration:

L-Theanine, a natural component of green tea may help memory and learning ability while inhibiting any possible side-effects from caffeine. Therefore, a bowl of Matcha promotes concentration and clarity of mind without any of the nervous energy found in coffee.

  • Provides vitamin D, selenium, chromium, zinc and magnesium
  • Prevents disease
  • Lowers cholesterol and blood sugar

Matcha green tea recipe

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Fair Trade in Brazil

Our Brazilian Fairtrade coffee beans are produced by a number of farms all belonging to an association of small-scale farmers located in the state of Minas Gerais in southeastern Brazil. The Associação Dos Costas organization was founded in March 1989 and has since grown to represent over 120 producers and their families.

BrazilcooperativeAssociação dos Costas is passionate about improving the quality of its coffee and is devoted to preserving the environment. The association completed several extensive soil analyses and geographic mapping projects in 2009 as well as quality improvement training. Producers are motivated to apply their new skills and continue improving their crop.

A partnership with the local government helped the organization provide dental service and a drug rehabilitation program. They dedicated a portion of their Fairtrade to fund materials and equipment for the local kindergarden. They also constructed a computer lab in the Community Center, open to all, not just association members.

Brazilian-coffee-berries-being-harvested.-Source-viralgecko.com_The Mogiana region stretches across the top part of São Paulo and into the dispute region of Minas Gerais. Mogiana is named after the Companhia Mogiana Estrada de Ferro train line, founded and funded by coffee expansion in the interior of Sao Paulo. The farms can range in size from 15 hectares to 500 hectares. All are similarly farmed under quite intensive conditions, with little irrigation and shade protection.

Média Mogiana coffees have a medium fruit like acidity with chocolate and almond like cafezinhosweetness.

A popular way to drink coffee in Brazil is as a cafezinho (translated as “little coffee”). Served in tiny cups, cafezinho is traditionally served with plenty of sugar, starting with dissolving the sugar in water. It has a far stronger concentration of flavour than standard drip coffee, and even espresso. In Brazil, cafezinho is generally served black, but many people prefer it with a little milk or cream.

Ask us about our other Fairtrade coffees or take a look at our range here.

Looking after Green Britain with Vegware

133265_largeVegware Ltd, the Edinburgh-based eco packaging firm, is the UK’s first ever packaging company whose entire product range is compostable and suitable for organics recycling. Here at Bean Bags Coffee, we stock compostable insulated coffee cups and lids including the new “Green Britain” cups which feature a heart shaped Union Jack image. Serving your beautiful coffees in Vegware is a stylish way to show that you are a responsible and ethical business.




Compostable not Biodegradable!

Founder and MD, Joe Frankel, explains, “Biodegradable materials do break down naturally over time, but the term ‘compostable’ means it all happens much quicker – under 180 days in the right conditions. It has taken years of R&D, but now our full range can be commercially composted together with food waste rather than go to landfill. It’s really exciting – now we can help our clients to save money with sustainable waste management as well as saving carbon and virgin materials. And of course we’re Vegware_compost_1002_foodwaste_800x-672x372delighted to be eco market leaders.”

Yearly increases in landfill tax means that from April 2011, commercial composting became the cheaper option. The company’s products are accepted for organics recycling and dry mixed recycling. After 6-12 weeks, the waste is reprocessed into compost, or biogas and topsoil.

Vegware has won a series of awards this year including its compostable hot cup lid winning ‘Best Disposables’ and a Green category commendation in the prestigious Caterer and Hotelkeeper Excellence Awards.

We supply a range of Vegware cups and lids here

A N’eat Way to be Healthy!

N'eat_Healthy_5_Angle_High_resN’eat Healthy was founded in 2015 by Anthony and Chris. As keen sportsmen they both wanted to create a healthy wholefood bar that could be eaten on the go or after exercise, which did not contain any sugar or preservatives, but still tasted great.

So many snack and energy bars are packed full of sugar and other additives, but these bars keep it simple, with no nasty additives! Nut, wheat and dairy free and also certified by The Vegan Society, these bars are 100% natural and loaded with goodness.

Having travelled in South East Asia and seen the destruction of Malaysia’s rainforests first-hand, Anthony was adamant that the bars should not contain palm oil. Instead they use coconut oil which is healthier, tastier and much better for you and our planet. N’eat is a business partner of the Orangutan Appeal, which supports wildlife ecosystems currently devastated by de-forestation for the mass production of palm oil. They have also adopted an Orangutan called Beryl. All N’eat Bars’ ingredients are sourced from ethical and sustainable farms.

Say No To Palm Oil

Beryl – the adopted Orangutan

So What’s Inside?IMG_0773_2

Quinoa is an incredible super grain packed full of fibre, iron, magnesium and protein – did you know that it is the only grain to contain all nine essential amino acids? All this goodness can be found in the Red Berries & Quinoa bar.

IMG_0752_2Chia seeds are the hero ingredient in these bars. These tiny powerhouses are the highest plant based source of omega-3 fatty acids, whilst also being a good source of protein, fibre, iron, calcium, magnesium and zinc.







NEW!! Cacao, Coconut & Chia Seeds

Cacoa_Ingredients_shotThe new N’eat Cacao, Coconuts & Chia Seeds bar contains cacao, coconut, chia seeds, sultanas, oats, soy protein chips and coconut oil.

Raw cacao powder has more than 300 phytochemicals, nearly four times the antioxidant power of regular dark chocolate, and contains protein, calcium, carotene, thiamin, riboflavin, magnesium, and sulfur.

Coconuts are a delicious and nutritious source of fiber, vitamins, minerals, and amino acids. It has tons of calcium, potassium, and magnesium, as well as plenty of electrolytes.

So with all this guilt free goodness, there is no excuse not to try every delicious flavour!

Available here!

Spring Inspo

Take a look at our Spring newsletter. We have some exciting new products as well as recipe ideas for some Spring time inspiration. Not only selling great products, we can also provide tailor made start up packages, personalised marketing materials and espresso machine maintenance and support.

Whether you are looking to start up your own coffee shop or simply refresh your product range, give Mike, Jo or Camille a call and find out how we can support your business.

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Coffee? There’s an app for that!

We have selected a handful of handy apps for lovers of coffee. Whether you want to improve your milk frothing technique, create the perfect brew or seek out the nearest quality coffee shop, there is an app for all this and more!

barista-iphone-app-icon Barista

(Apple iPhone) Beautifully optimized for the iPhone 5 display, Barista™ is an app that will help you create cafe-quality espresso at home. It’s a personal, portable tutor aimed at equipping you with the knowledge you need to get the most out of your espresso machine.

Features include:
-Step-by-step instructions for the most common espresso beverages
-Beautifully shot HD video demonstrations of Espresso Machine Basics and two latte art      techniques
-Tips such as selecting, storing and grinding coffee beans, tamping and extracting single    and double shots, texturing milk, pouring latte art and more
-An Extraction Timer
-A Coffee Talk glossary of espresso-related terms and equipment

Barista takes you one big step closer to that perfect espresso.
Use the built-in camera to take photos of beverages and save them into categorized galleries so that you can track your progress as you improve.

175x175bb KoHi

(Apple iPhone & Android) KoHi is a coffee brewing timer, calculator, and recipe manager with a clean and clever interface. No more guessing at the ideal amount of coffee and water to use to achieve the perfect brew—KoHi does the maths for you. They currently support Chemex, Hario V60, Press Pot, Clever, Kalita, AeroPress, Bonmac, Woodneck, and Gino brewing methods. It is the prefect companion for your favorite manual brewing method.

kohi-iphone_4_mockup-black-web-400px-e1389602735217KoHi’s advanced brew calculators and timers help you brew with laboratory precision for consistent extraction every time. Tell KoHi how much coffee you would like to brew, and it calculates the exact amount of beans and water to use for the perfect cup of coffee. KoHi also paces you through the pre-infusion and infusion phases of brewing for a more accurate and consistent brew.

KoHi’s recipe manager lets you create and store your own recipes too. Share your favorites with friends on Twitter, Facebook and email. Experiment, taste, share and enjoy coffee creations with KoHi.

*Note: You will need a gram scale to use with the KoHi app.

49c3bbf6a7a16a3b5d885792adee9c8d Spro

screen320x480-1(Apple iPhone) Spro gives you step-by-step instructions for 14 of the most essential Espresso drinks, laid out beautifully with easy to follow directions. Whether you need to quickly check the right proportion of ingredients or review each step to crafting your drink, Spro lets you quickly get the instructions you need.

Spro also includes the history and pronunciation for each drink: reading material while you’re sipping that delicious macchiato. Curious to see what others are having? Check out The Cafe to view the Drink of the Week featured from coffeehouses around the country.

spro_iphone_app_04Here are a few things you can enjoy with Spro:

-Diagrams of popular drinks, including Cappuccino, Latte, Macchiato, RedEye, Vienna Coffee, Mocha, and more!
-History and pronunciation of each drink.
-Combine ingredients to Create-A-Drink
-View a Drink-Of-The-Week in The Cafe
-Learn all about grinding, beans, frothing, and more in Espresso 101


175x175bb-1 Beanhunter 

(Apple iPhone & Android) Beanhunter helps you find, share and buy great coffee. Stay on top of the latest coffee trends and cafes in any city worldwide when using this beautifully designed social coffee finder app. Browse through cafe listings, pictures and user reviews to decide where to drink coffee and our map feature will help you get there!

If you’re in Melbourne, you can now pay for your coffee with Beanhunter – the more you spend, the more you save! (Coming to more cities soon).
Key Features:
-Discover the best coffee shops and cafes around you
-Share your own coffee experiences
-Easily view the best places to drink coffee in any city based on rankings
-Search by location, cafe or coffee shop name
-Get directions, opening hours and cafe info
-View photos, user reviews, menus and all the other cafe information you need to choose where to drink great coffee
-Share cafe listings with colleagues, family members and friends
-NEW: Pay with Beanhunter to save time and money (Melbourne only at the moment, coming to more cities very very soon)

Beanhunter is now available in over 180 cities across the USA, the UK, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Italy, Israel, Singapore, Spain, Thailand, Japan and more.

All information used in the blog post was gleaned from the apple app store.

All for One and One for all

It all began with a photograph in The Guardian newspaper of a Kiberan girl sat next to a padlocked tap in Nairobi, Kenya, back in December 2003. Having returned from 2 years motorbiking around the world Duncan Goose launched the One brand where 100% of the profits go towards provision of clean water to the world’s poorest communities.unnamed
1aa62bfede199b16a492fb9ab2fdcac4663 million people still do not have access to clean drinking water and over 2 million
people die every year from waterborne diseases, mostly children under 5. Lack of access to safe water is also keeping people in poverty as they are forced to spend up to 4 hours a day collecting water instead of attending school or work.

The projects have taken a holistic approach to ending water poverty – as well as drilling new boreholes, constructing wells and repairing faulty water pumps, they have also trained communities in the maintenance and repair of their water points and provided education on good hygiene practices. One of the most ingenious methods is the Playpump, a niche solution to the problem of providing clean drinking water in impoverished rural communities.


4.2The PlayPump is often the only piece of playground equipment at a school and provides the children with a constructive and rewarding way to use their energy.  This improves health by a reduction in waterborne diseases, as well as increased time spent at school as a consequence of improved health, leading to an improvement in education. Also an increase in overall attendance at school as it becomes known that there is a reliable source of clean drinking water.  There is also improved safety for the girls who don’t have to walk long distances to collect water from rivers and dams etc. As well as the ability to educate school children and the surrounding community via the messaging opportunity available on the panels at the top of each PlayPump tank stand.

So far One Water have raised over £14 million for sustainable water projects, providing clean, safe water to over 3 million people. Their aim is to raise £20 million by 2020. 

Together, we can help reach and even exceed this target, simply by changing our brand of bottled water.

Click here to order your One water